Oculus Quest is the newest all-in-one gaming system built for virtual reality. Now you can play almost anywhere with just a VR headset and controllers. No PC required and no wires. Oculus Quest works with your environment, so you can play standing or sitting in spaces big or small. Oculus Insight translates your movements into VR no matter which way you’re facing and provides room-scale tracking without external sensors. Look around, duck for cover and turn the tide of the battle from anywhere in your playspace. Oculus Quest has positional audio built directly into the headset, so you can hear your teammates or what’s sneaking up behind you even without headphones. With Oculus Touch controllers, you can transport your hands and gestures right into the game. Your slashes, throws and grabs appear in VR with intuitive, realistic precision.

— Oculus Quest VR Headset
— 2 Oculus Quest Controllers w. batteries
— 1 Pocket Battery pack with cable so set can be used for 4 hours vs standard 2 hour onboard battery life
— On-site technician

Individual Unit Rental Rate, Get Quote
Oculus Quest Package, 4 units with 1 Technician, Get Quote

Wifi Connection
Clear open space of 10′ x 10′ per unit is recommended

View Document & Recommendations for safe use

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