Built to meet the needs of today’s most demanding VR users, VIVE Pro is an easy-to-deploy VR system that scales with your business and provides the richest feature set for professional users. From seated environments to expansive, multi-user deployments, VIVE Pro delivers the highest fidelity, clearest audio and most immersive VR experience.

VIVE Pro features dual-OLED displays with an industry leading resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels to make graphics, text and textures look perfectly crisp and clear, so you get the visual fidelity required for even the most demanding use-cases and environments.

Scale your tracking volumes – from seated to standing to full 10×10 meter (32’x32’)† room-scale tracking. SteamVR 2.0 allows you to add up to 4 base stations for wide-area tracking avoiding occlusion, and ideal for multi-user environments, all at sub-millimeter accuracy.

The integrated Chaperone system issues a warning when you get close to physical objects in the real world, so you can stay safe, comfortable and fully immersed in your VR experience.

Hi-Res headphones and 3D spatial integration with a built-in amplifier offers true-to-life audio with increased volume and resonance. Plus, environmental noise cancellation delivers an immersive experience without distractions from real-world noise.

— VIVE Pro headset
— link box
— DisplayPort cable
— USB 3.0 cable
— power adaptors
— two Controllers (2018)
— two base stations 2.0
— High Powered Graphic Gaming Computer
–On site technician (required)

HTC Vive Pro with Gaming Computer and Technician, Get Quote

— A clear, level and unobstructed space that is 10′ x 10′ with a ceiling clearance of at least 12′
— 1 eight foot table
— WIFI access
— Access to a dedicated electric outlet – 10V, 10 amps, 3-prong power outlet.

With an ever-growing catalog of games available on Steam and through Viveport there are many different experiences to choose from.  There’s a pretty extensive library of games, experiences and non-gaming apps to choose from. 


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