Team building activities typically focus on participation, communication, and problem-solving. Virtual Reality and PhillyVR offer a whole new dimension to the team building experience.  With VR team building, it is critical to choose the right software/experience first and then select the compatible hardware based on available space, ease of learning and number of anticipated participants.  Here are our top two recommendations:

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – COMMUNICATION
In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, the player wearing the VR headset will find themselves sitting alone in a room with ticking time bomb in front of them. The bomb has a series of ‘modules’ which are miniature puzzles that must be solved in order to disarm it. That’s where the rest of the team comes in. The other participants receive a list of instructions that will help diffuse the virtual bomb. The player in the VR headset must share information to those outside of the headset, and vice versa. The non-headset players then use the given information along with a series of increasingly complex instructions in the manual to guide the headset-wearer through the correct defusal procedure.This game is one of the best team building games available, because it puts the participants in a fun, intense environment, that requires leadership, effective communication, and high-intensity problem-solving for success. In addition, the actual gameplay is not overly complex or technical, which makes it ideal for those who are inexperienced playing video games or using a VR headset. 
We offer this team building game on both our Oculus GO and Oculus Quest systems.

Please Don’t Touch Anything – COMMUNICATION

The premise is simple: Your colleague goes for a bathroom break and leaves you sitting in a room with a large screen in front of you and a panel with one big red button and a lever that says reset. You’re told not to touch anything. But contrary to your colleague’s instructions, the key to the game is to touch as much as possible. By pressing, poking, and prodding through everything in the room, the player will encounter various puzzles to solve. Once a player solves a puzzle, they will unlock one of the thirty different endings. Team Building | VR modifies the game to allow for group participation by providing the players not wearing a headset a list of instructions to help guide the player wearing the headset through a pre-selected list of endings. This change improves the overall group engagement and makes communication a key driver of success. This also allows us to highlight some of the more exciting and humorous endings, which makes the game more fun for everyone involved.
We offer this team building game on both our Oculus GO and Oculus Quest systems.

Other Team Building VR Experiences available:

Test your abilities to decipher riddles, clues & puzzles that will allow you & your team to safely escape from your Captors. 

Tilt Brush lets the user paint in 3D space using Virtual Reality. Team members combine their creativity to create their own unique art work.