The VR Bar offers travel with a twist!
As your guests enjoy signature cocktails, wine, and beer, they can travel virtually to their favorite dream getaways.

Want to sip your Cosmo while gazing out at a tropical beach?  Or enjoy a glass of Chianti Classico while resting your eyes on the Tuscan countryside? Or perhaps order a Manhattan while taking a virtual tour of New York City?  Or down a tall glass of Guinness while enjoying the music and dance of Dublin!

Make every drink a virtual adventure!   We can pair almost any cocktail, wine or beer offering with a virtual tour of its native origin.
For added excitement, create a special flight night with your favorite brands of Scotch, Bourbon, Whisky or Tequila complete with matching travel videos.

We create a VR Station near your event bar with Samsung Gear VR, pre-loaded with videos to match your drinks destination.  Of course, our technician will be on hand to help your guests and be their virtual vacation tour guide.

Jazz up your next event with a memorable VR Bar experience for your guests.
Ask us for more details and more exciting ideas!  Call us at 267.606.0287 or email to